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Hazelnuts have been a feature of the human diet since prehistory. Hazelnuts are thought to have originated in Asia, from where they spread to Europe, making them one of the oldest crops in the region.

Turkey is a large country with its almost 800,000km2 and over 70 million inhabitants (2012). For decades, the country has aimed at its full membership of the European Union. Only 3 percent of the country - Istanbul and its surroundings - is part of Europe, whereas the rest of the country belongs to Asia.

Chocolate-hazelnut spreads are a popular product similar to peanut butter. An increasing number of food companies have started to make their own version of this spread, which are now available at most major grocery chains. Hazelnuts are sold unshelled, as whole ... , diced, sliced or ground kernels, as paste or as oil. The highest quality nuts, which command the highest prices, are sold unshelled. The most important market for these nuts is the snack food industry. The U.S. bakery, breakfast cereal and confectionery industries use domestic and imported hazelnut.

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Comparison of Different Types of Hazelnuts Varieties

Consumers worldwide are seeking healthier snack options. Hazelnuts, also known as filberts, are exceedingly high in “good cholesterol” or unsaturated fat and contain very little undesirable saturated fats.

Already a flavorful, healthy food enjoyed by millions worldwide, a recent report predicted a major increase in demand for hazelnuts over the next ten years as consumers seek out more wholesome snacks.

- Rich in unsaturated fats (mostly oleic acid)
- High in magnesium, calcium and vitamins B and E.
- Hazelnuts are good for your heart, help reduce the risk of cancer, and aid in muscle, skin, bone, joint and digestive health.


This is the primary variety traditionally grown in the Pacific Northwest. The percentage of Barcelona’s harvested continues to shrink each year as other varieties are being planted today. Despite challenges with filbert blight, there are many healthy and productive orchards important to the industry. Average harvest is middle October.


They are known for their large grade and oblong nut shape. The Ennis is a favorite of many, unfortunately, highly susceptible to blight and there are not as many acres in production. Their harvest time is similar to the Barcelona.


A common variety planted the past several years. The Jefferson has the Gasaway gene for resistance to eastern filbert blight. They are a larger nut typically harvested in the middle of October. (OSU Variety, 2009)


Also with blight resistance, these are a large nut harvested by the middle of October. They are known to have an exceptional flavor profile. (2011)


Also with blight resistance, the trees have a smaller canopy and are often planted at a higher density of trees per acre. They are harvested by late September and produce a smaller nut. (OSU Variety, 2008)


The Lewis variety is an ‘end of September’ harvest with smaller nuts, known for its high yields. It’s somewhat unique because it is a kernel variety released by OSU and heavily planted but doesn’t have the Gasaway gene so it is susceptible to filbert blight or EFB. (OSU Variety, 1997)


Also with blight resistance, they are typically harvested by the end of September and have a smaller kernel, or nut. (OSU Variety, 2014)


Trees are blight resistant and produce a smaller nut; referred to as a kernel variety verse the larger in-shell varieties. They are harvested by the end of September. Like McDonald, Wepster trees also pollinate each other which allows the farmer to have all production varieties and not need additional pollinators. (OSU Variety, 2013)

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