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Brazil Nuts


Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are the large seeds of giant trees grown in the Amazon jungle. These “seeds” come in clusters of 8 to 24 inside a hard, 4- to 6-inch pod that resembles a coconut.
The first historical reference that can be traced on this nut dates from 1569, when a Spanish colonial collected thousands of Brazil nuts for his tired and hungry troops. It was understandable that they recovered quickly as Brazil nuts, like all tree nuts, contain calories, protein and important vitamins and minerals.

Bolivia, Brazil and Peru are presently the chief producing countries. Brazil nuts are marketed as in-shell and shelled and are eaten raw, roasted, salted, in ice creams, chocolate and in bakery and confectionery products.

The Brazil nut is the most economically important plant product that is harvested sustainably in the Amazonian rain forest. Close to 70% of the world’s supply comes from the Pando region, an area that only represents 3% of the Amazon forest.

Natives collect the coconut-like capsules containing 10 to 12 seeds. These are the Brazil Nuts: seeds in a shell that has to be cracked. To harvest them, the natives wait until the big green capsules fall from the trees.

Adopted source: https://www.nutfruit.org/nutfruit/brazil-nuts/


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About Brazil Nuts


In shell, Brazil Nuts have two-year shelf life, if stored cool and dark. It is an oil-rich nut, so perennial nuts should be tasted and investigated suspiciously, the latter by breaking the nut in half. If the inner part of the nut is glassy, be extra careful, as the nut will probably have a rancid taste.

Health Aspects

For natives of countries where Brazil Nuts trees originally grow, this nut makes supplementary and nutritious food. After all, the Brazil Nut has high content of nutrients, such as proteins, fats, selenium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

The most important health benefits of selenium-rich Brazil nuts include their ability to reduce inflammation, improve heart health, aid in skin care, boost weight loss, reduce the signs of aging, regulate thyroid function, and fight anxiety. These nuts also strengthen the immune system, stimulate growth and repair, improve the digestive process, lower the risk of cancer, and boost male fertility. Large count 90/110 per lb
Medium count 110/130 per lb
Small count 130/160 per lb
Midget count 160/180 per lb
Tiny count 180/220 per lb
Pack : 20kg or 44lb vacuum /carton

(Source : organicfacts.net)

Brazil Nuts Kernel

Adapted source from
- organicfacts.net